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Puella Magi Hikaru Magica is an ongoing fan comic by Shuggyverse. It follows the adventures of the eponymous Hikaru Minami, as she discovers the ups and downs of being a Magical Girl.


Hikaru is an average schoolgirl who enjoys being with her friends and having fun. One day, she is attacked by a witch, and saved by a magical girl named Suzue. She quickly desires to fight against evil alongside Suzue, and makes a contract, becoming a magical girl herself. However, she soon comes to realize the great burdens and sacrifices that come with the contract.



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  • The comic is set in a timeline where Walpurgisnacht is defeated, but Madoka was killed along with it. The events of the comic take place about a year after the battle.
  • The setting is somewhere in Japan, but the exact location is supposed to be vague.