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Puella Magi Kaori Magica: The Infernal Desires is a fanfiction by author Pipbuck. It follows the titular character Kaori Wakahisa as a magical girl after she encounters the Incubator, Kyubey.

Plot Summary

Kaori Wakahisa had a less than spectacular life. Her parents were absolutely horrible to her and her little sister Aimi. She had but one friend, and wasn't very good at schoolwork. She was just an average girl. But one day she meets a cat-like creature named Kyubey that turns her world around and makes everything magical for her. What Kaori didn't expect was to be dragged into danger as well, for witches aren't the only thing she finds herself battling...


Puella Magi

  • Kaori Wakahisa—Main character, newborn magical girl
  • Hanae Fukuda—Veteran magical girl
  • Tamiko Mori—An enemy of Hanae's
  • Leiko Mori—Tamiko's older sister
  • Rai Kumori—Leiko's closest friend
  • Saki Genda—Another newborn magical girl

Other Characters

  • Kyubey—The Incubator
  • Momoko Izumi—Kaori's best friend
  • Aimi Wakahisa—Kaori's six year old sister

Episodes (Chapters)

Episode One: What Is Your Wish?

More soon.