Puella Magi Umi Magica (ピエラ・マギ・ウミ・マジカ Piera Magi umi majika) is the first Puella Magi fanon created by Japanesenerd247. The story consists of five girls who selectively chosen to become magical girls to save the world from witches and bad guys.


Once upon a time, on earth, there lived a goddess of the Earth named Narunia. Narunia made sure that hope and peace still remained on the Earth, and to make sure the harmonious Elemental Soul Gems were intact. Then, one one fateful day, Kyubey and his army of witches battled the goddess. Before she died, she sent the Elemental Soul Gems to Japan in hopes of finding the girls who were destined to save the world and stop Kyubey from creating more witches once and for all!

The Magical Girls

Sakura Urushihara (Sarah Navarro)- Earth Guardian

Sakura is quite a "gambler" for a 15 year-old. Sakura isn't afraid of taking chances, and she is always there for her friends. As the Earth Guardian, her weapon is a staff, she has earth magic, and her color is teal. She is the leader of the team as well. She is also described to be the "descendant" of Kyoko Sakura. Her symbol is a hexagon, and it is worn on her right hand. Her style of clothing is a cross between adorable, yet tomboyish.

Hazuka Hinako (Helen Garfield)- Flower Defender

Hazuka is a bright and exuberant 14 year-old girl who just loves the flowers and wishes to possess the power for good. She is also quite a nerd and loves French pastries. As the Flower Defender, her weapon is a heavy sword, she has flower magic, and her color is magenta. She is also described to be the "descendant" of Mami Tomoe. Her symbol is a magnolia blossom, and it is worn on her belly. Her style of clothing is Arabian-style, yet serious.

Yumi Hirokazu (Yolanda Williams)- Water Idol

Yumi is a shy but popular 12 year-old girl who loves the water. Like Hazuka, she would like to possess the power of the peaceful water in a good way. She is also a big fan of magical girls, so she was excited to become one. As Water Idol, her weapon is a boomerang blade, she has water magic, and her color is deep blue. Her symbol is an ocean wave, and it is worn in the center of the bow in her hair. Her style of clothing is idol-like, yet basic.

Lisa Kotozume (Lee Anne Coleman)- Fire Gunslinger

Lisa is a serious and a hardworking 16 year-old girl who takes no sappy people on her team. She can be a bit cold-hearted at times, but she is a true softie inside. As Fire Gunslinger