story Edit

All being with Kumiko,Moriko,Yukine and Nikki,all of them are magical girls of a little city call Oceanspring,they are part of Ocean quartlet,one day Nikki become a witch (is call Hunter witch)and the other ones discover the magical girl system,Moriko became depresive and try to make suicide but Yukine stop her before it was too late and take Moriko to the hospital.Kumiko think about all the system and decide to kill Kilo(thinking that with that Nikki will be normal again)but she discover that Kilo cant be kill.Yukine decide to kill Hunter witch but thinking that she can help her Hunter witch kill her,later Kumiko discover that Yukine is dead and decide to kill Hunter witch even that she was Nikki.Kumiko kill Hunter witch and left the city and Morik.2 years pass and Kumiko come Back to Oceanspring in her deathbed( she was becoming a witch)and decide to visit Moriko only to discover that she became The mad witch and decide to kill her thinking that in that way she will free her friend.Kumiko meet a magical girl call Jaay and she tell her about a godness that heal all their "sins" and Kumiko decide to find her.only one month pass and Kumiko find the godness Madoka Kaname,after being heal Kumiko decide to have a normal life before the events of Puella magi mizuki.

caracthers Edit






-Madoka Kaname

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