NOTE: This page is purely fanon material. I recommend you not to take this seriously. 

You thought it was my rival getting a figure list in this page? Too bad! It was just Sabrina Mickey!

Takara Tomy A.R.T.S./TOMYEdit

Magical Molly! Action Figure SeriesEdit

  • Sabrina Mickey (2014)
    • Series Number: MM / #004
    • Japanese ID Number: MM-04
    • Accessories: Two cutlasses, two pair of hands

Part of the first wave of Magical Molly! Action Figure Series lineup, MMAFS Sabrina Mickey is an articulated 6-inch figure (which is scaled closer to Banpresto's DX figures) similar to Microman Arts series, and features a cloth cape (similar to her figma counterpart) rather than PVC. She only includes a pair of cutlasses...unless you want to buy more of her to get more.

The rereleases of the figure includes a new variant: Sabrina's hair has a fortissimo pin sculpted on the left side.

  • Team Quintet Gift Set (2015)
    • Accessories: Five cutlasses, two pair of hands

The MMAFS Sabrina Mickey figure is released along with Molly, Hilda, Maria, & Kacey. This figure uses the fortissimo pin variant, and she includes three extra cutlasses.

Magical BattlersEdit

  • Sabrina Mickey (Magical Battlers, 2014)
    • Accessories: Cutlass

Part of the second wave of the Magical Battlers subline, Sabrina Mickey features a sword-slicing action (by swinging the sword down) gimmick when her legs are squeezed.

Like most of the Magical Battlers toys, she is released in a carded packaging. Since her sword is placed in the packaging instead on being held, you can install the said accessory into her hands after you remove her from packaging.

Magical Molly! Mascot CharmEdit

  • Sabrina Mickey (Mascot Key Chain, 2014)

Part of the first wave of TakTom ARTS' Magical Molly! Mascot Charm, this hanged-up figure of Sabrina Mickey in based on her Magical Girl attire, and it's virtually identical to the original Mascot Key Chain Sayaka Miki figure.

  • 'Sabrina Mickey'~School Uniform ver~ (Mascot Key Chain, 2014)

This hanged-up figure of Sabrina Mickey in based on her School attire, and it's completely identical to the Sayaka Miki Charm (School uniform ver) figure.

Heroines of MitakiharaEdit

  • Sabrina Mickey (Magical Girl ver, late 2014)

Part of the new and the first volume of Heroines of Mitakihara line, this static Sabrina Mickey PVC figure is a new mold, and made to scale with the SR Madoka figures. She was released in a carded packaging, and comes with a Collector Card.

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