Sailor Galaxia's palace, also known as Sailor Galaxia's fortress and Sailor Galaxia's castle, is the interior of a human-like alien female named Sailor Galaxia, which serves as her hidden citadel and secret hideout. This battle arena made its first debut in the fifth and final season of Sailor Moon.


Sailor Galaxia and her men needed a remote base of operations for her newly reformed Shadow Galactica organization. After a long search, she found this mysterious and abandoned Christian church and immediately claimed it as the new home of the Shadow Galactica organization.


In Alvin and the Chipmunks: Baxter Stockman's Gambit, Sailor Galaxia's palace features six arena interactions. From farthest left to right, they are:

  • A king cobra statue, which can be jumped off of the air in order to escape the corner from the opponent.
  • A lit torch that can be thrown at the opponent like a spear, thus setting them on fire.
  • Two candle lanterns held in the statue's hands that can be thrown at the opponent with it like a tennis ball.
  • A battleaxe that can be used to strike the opponent's head with it.
  • A mace that can be used to strike the opponent by the skull with it.
  • A war hammer that can be used to strike the opponent's skull with it.


  • Karai's ninja swords, Myles Standish's matchlock, Myles Standish's hat, Sir Driscoll's sword, Sir Driscoll's kite shield, Sir Driscoll's square shield, Sir Driscoll's battleaxe, Sir Driscoll's mace, Sir Driscoll's rapier, Sir Enoch's rapier, Sir Enoch's square shield, Sir Enoch's battleaxe, Sir Enoch's mace, Sir Enoch's sword, Sir Enoch's kite shield, Leonardo's ninja swords, Mulan's sword, Shan Yu's sword, Xaldin's lance, Saix's sword, Axel's ring blades, Larxene's kunai knives, Zexion's spell book, Demyx's water guitar, Marluxia's scythe, Homura Akemi's black knight kite shield, Black Knight's whip sword, Mami Tomoe's matchlock, Tiger Claw's sword, Tiger Claw's matchlock, Michelangelo's chained-sickles, Raphael's sais, Donatello's staff, the Shredder's claws, the Shredder's dark purple cape, Starlight Glimmer's staff, Sunburst's teal cape/cloak, the Shredder's helmet, the Shredder's armor, the Shredder's boots, Hun's black sunglasses, Fong's meat cleaver, Tsoi's purple headband, Gary's black sunglasses, Octavia Melody's violin, Octavia Melody's cello, Octavia Melody's double bass, Ho Chan's hunting dagger/knife, Mad Mod's cane, Rose Wilson's sword, Sailor Galaxia's helmet, Sailor Galaxia's sword, Sailor Galaxia's gauntlets, Ra's Al Ghul's scimitar, Sailor Galaxia's bull whip, Sailor Galaxia's plate skirt, Sailor Galaxia's boots, and Sailor Galaxia's armor can be seen in the background.

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