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Scierra Yuuki
Name Scierra Yuuki
Age 15 (?)
Color theme Orange/Brunette
Weapon Curved scythe-style staff with 5 jutting points
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Race Human/Magical Girl
Allies Kathryn's squadron
  • Ignis
  • Grace
Appears in Supporting:
  • Magica Quartlet's Magical Molly!
  • Magical Molly! Shorts


  • Magical Molly! THE GAME (Arena Mode Only)

One of Kathryn Hinata's followers, along with Ignis & Grace. Scierra Yuuki is the backbone of the team. Scierra may look cheerful and dependable, she also masks an incredibly vicious and haughty (plus a cruel sense of humor) personality within her. She is also extremely manipulative, and resorting to tricks such as begging or feigning surrender/cowardice to flee from difficult situations. She also had the power to control Witches.[1]

Unfortunately, Scierra's supercilious personality causes her to hate her position as the backbone, and she wishes to overthrow Kathryn and taking over her place as team leader. Hope she doesn't get backfired by Kathryn though.[2]


  • Kajiuria System - After being assimilated with the system, Scierra can use Magic Abilities.


  • Staff - Scierra can use a Curved scythe-style staff as a melee weapon. The staff also possesses 5 jutting points.


  • Disguise - Scierra can disguise any person.


  • Voice Actors:
    • Kelly Sheridan (English)
    • Ryōka Yuzuki (Japanese)
  • Motto: The last sound you'll hear will be my laughter.
  • Like her original PMOM counterpart:
    • She wants to be better than anyone, including Kathryn.
    • She sometimes has a tendency to laugh madly at times.
  • Unlike her original PMOM counterpart:
    • TBA
  • Scierra's name is derived from scurra, one of the German language translations of "Joker".
  • How to spot a faker that is Scierra's disguise? Her scheming grin.


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  2. Magical Molly! Shorts