The End of the journey is the Final episode of Journey Through The Decade.


to be added

Characters AppearingEdit

  • Puella Magi
    • Shirakami Shimatsu
    • Madoka Kaname
    • Akemi Homura
    • Sayaka Miki
    • Mami Tomoe
    • Sakura Kyouko
    • Oriko Mikuni
    • Kirika Kure
    • Yuma Chitose
    • Kazumi (Michiru Kazusa)
  • Witches
    • Walpurgis Night

Powers used by ShirakamiEdit

  • Complete Form


  • Final appearance of Shirakami's complete form.
  • The final timeline that Shirakami entered is probably took place in the Bonus Route, similar to PMMM: Portable, with Oriko, Yuma, Kirika & Kazumi aiding them.

Continuity ErrorsEdit

  • Since Kazusa appears in the actual universe?

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