Puella Magi Tia
Name Tia Yuki
Age 13
Contract Wish to be able to procet the ones she loves
Weapon Dagger
Wish-Related Abilities Unknown
Birthday October 31st
Zodiac Libra
Height 5'0
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Brighter Orange
Blood Type A-
Allies Unknown
Appears In Destiny Magica


i could go on on about her entire history but i gonna start when she was 7,she ran away from home because she just coudent take it anymore haveing to be little miss perfect 24/7.About a week later she disvered that her parents were killed by close famly firends thats the reason she dosen't trust many people.She has bine un-easy ever snice.


If you can gain her trust she is frendly kind and all around good person.If not She pretty cold and dosen't talk much and shy. Pretty much two differnt people depending how you come across.

Puella Magi TiaEdit



  • she loves to hang in the trees
  • she dosen't trust many people
  • Her last name means snow


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