"It's all shaggy..."
Kazumi meets Toto for the first time.

Toto is a black cat appearing in Kazumi Magica. As the cat is seen in chapter 11 at Kazumi's home with her grandmother, it can be assumed the cat belongs to Kazumi.

Fanfiction AppearancesEdit

Magical Molly! Reboot continuityEdit

Toto (which he was still a nameless stray cat) was usually met by Michelle Kazusa. After Michelle had turned against her former master, She meets the cat again, naming it "Toto". However due to the fact that Michelle doesn't know how to take care of a cat, she gave Toto to Nicole.

It was unknown what happened to Toto many years later. It was mostly implied that he passed away due to the cat's 15-year lifespan.


  • In this series, Toto is a male cat, since it's Kazumi Magica counterpart is yet to reveal any of it's gender.

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