on friday Chiziru; Hey satomi - chan: Satomi: can you please stop fallowing me your getting a little annoying:Chiziru: huh whats wrong with you satomi.Mrs.Nail: eveyone sit down we have a new student .Haru: oh um hello my name is Akita Haru its a pleasured to meet you.Mrs.Nail: thank you now sit down next to satomi;at end of time at the club room. Satomi: oh im sorry Chiziru theres no more room to sit hre im very sorry .Chiziru; WHY ARE YOU BEING SO MEAN .Satomi: im saying im sorry im not being mean . Chiziru: your lyingSatomi.Satomi: IM NOT LYING I JUST NEEDED NEW FREINDS THEN YOU.Chiziru: im sorry im talking to the wrong person this is not my freind i used to know.Haru: ​​whats going on .Chiziru: GET OUT OF MY WAY.girl classmates:what mean little girl are you ok.Haru ;yes but she will regret pushing me down like that.Kyubey: chiziru why are you going home.CHIZIRU : you know shes being rude uhh i hate her i wish she died.???: well well well is it ms. oh can i fallow you home like a stalker hmm.Chiziru: who are you

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