Yukimori Yu
Name Yukimori Yu
Age 14
Soul Gem White topped with a snowflake
Contract Wish "I shall be the bravest I can be no matter what!"
Color theme White
Weapon Chain
Birthday July 29th
Zodiac Cancer
Height 4'11
Hair Color White
Eye Color Dark grey
Race Human
Blood Type O
Home World Unknown...... Possibly Earth

Is a mysterious Magica Puelli of unknown origin who is extremely shy.

Name - Yukimori Yu

Age - 14 Years old

Contract Wish - "I shall be the bravest I can be no matter what."

Soul Gem - White topped with a snowflake

Weapon - Staff

Birthday -  June 29

Zodiac - Cancer

Height - 4'11

Hair color - White

Eye color - Dark grey

Blood type - O 


Yu possesses pale skin with a pair of round dark grey eyes. When not transformed, she is usually seen in the school uniform

Transformation Sequences

Madoka Magia

Yu's Soul Gem glows with white light which she next puts to her chest, where it then proceeds to transform into a patch of snow which then consumes her entire body. Yu leaps upwards fully transformed and the snow coils around her left arms before it immediately coils back off and transforms into her staff, which she proceeds to grab and strikes a pose.


Yu holds her Soul Gem in her left palm and her staff appears. She grabs it and twirls it around twice before her current attire transforms through many bursts of white and grey light. And finally her tights and boots appears before she the strikes a pose.


Yu appears as a silver sihlouette holding her Soul Gem in both hands hefore she proceeds to dance with it, simmilar to a disco. When the sihlouette is the frozen and cracks, simillar to ice and a fully transform Yu emerges with her spear before then posing shyly.

Voice actors

  • Fujita Saki (Japanese)    
  • Andrea Libman (Eng dub)